Muslim Migrant Rapes And Murders 6-Year-Old, Alesha MacPhail On The Island of Bute, Off The West Coast Of Scotland....Police REFUSE To Release The Name Of The Criminal....

Tragedy on Bute: Refugees located even on islands off Scotland... 

The people of the island of Bute have been shattered by their first murder in more than 30 years. About 06:25 hours on the 2nd of July 2018, panic and uncertainty was rife on the peaceful island of Bute, off the West coast of Scotland. A young girl of 6 years old, Alesha MacPhail was reported missing by her family. Merely three hours later, the body of a girl was found in a woodland area near to the home of Alesha’s grandparents. The body was later confirmed to be that of Alesha. Alesha had been at the beginning of a 3 week trip to the island to see family members, whilst on her summer holiday. A police investigation was launched on Bute, which saw a large increase in the numbers of officers on the island carrying out investigations and reassurance patrols for the residents. Two days later, on the 4th of July, a 16 year old male was arrested in relation to the death of Alesha and was held in custody over night. This morning, the male appeared before Sheriff McIntyre, at Greenock Sheriff Court, where by he was charged with the murder of Alesha MacPhail as well as the of a child, under Section 18 of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009. Due to the male’s age, his name has not been released to the public, as he is still considered a minor in the eyes of the law. This has brought on immense speculation to the identity of the male, as there has been an increase in the number of sexual offences in the Argyll and Bute area of Scotland. A number of refugees have been placed on the island of Bute, with Scotland’s promise to accept fleeing people from the Middle East’s ever present wars. It cannot be confirmed if the identity of the accused is a native to the island, or someone from father afield. Source


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