Pope Francis New Evangelization: Catholic Hospital Tennova Healthcare Discharged Heavily Medicated Wheelchair Bound Homeless Man On The Streets

This is the true face of the New Evangelization

Samaritan says helping homeless man got him threatened, banned by Bradley County hospital [video]

Standifer, a Lee University graduate who is chairman of the Bradley County Young Republicans, said he was arriving for a doctor visit Thursday when he noticed the man, dressed in blue scrubs, in the chair outside the hospital. He said the man was slumped, head down, and seemed stuporous. Standifer asked the nearby driver of what he took to be a hospital shuttle if she could help the man, then went on to his appointment. The man was gone when he came out, and he thought everything was fine until he spotted the wheelchair in the traffic on Chambliss Avenue. Standifer ran to the man and pulled the chair across the street into the parking lot of a dentist's office. He said the man was dazed, unable to speak, and had urinated on himself. He was wearing a hospital ID bracelet. People in the dentist's office got the man some water while Standifer called a homeless shelter. No one answered. Then he called an ambulance. Read More>>>>>>>>


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