Anti-Imperialist Peter Kwasniewski Defines The New Mass As “The Imperialism Of Novelty”


Peter Kwasniewski must hate Imperialism so much so that he feels the need to use the Imperialism when describing the stripped and barren new mass.

I don't know why a Traditionalist would hate Imperialism.

After all the Imperialism of the Roman Emperor is a Tradition of the Catholic Church.

Here let Peter define for you what he means by Imperialism:

What we see in the world of the reformed liturgy, in short, is a continual drift towards a more and more meaningless, vestigial, paper-thin permission for traditional practices — as if the traditional practices were a rare and dangerous species of delicate flower that’s being pressured out of its ecosystem by an aggressive, invasive species of noxious weeds or foreign frogs.

As a name for the phenomenon, I suggest “the imperialism of novelty,” a kind of unseeing, undiscerning, indiscriminate favoritism or advancement of all that is new and recent and shiny, the latest model rolling off the production line. Tradition has no voice with which to defend itself; it has no armies, no force. It compels solely by its inner rationale, its beauty, its value as something passed down to us. But because modern people don’t care about what has been passed down to us, tradition’s voice is muted; the moral force that it should have is tempered, if not suppressed altogether. Modernity is fundamentally anti-traditional: recall Thomas Jefferson talking about how the enlightened governments of his day will at last throw off medieval priestcraft and monkery and superstition as we embark on a new Age of Reason, Novus Ordo Seclorum. The only positions that have any clout are those that are espoused by people today — not surprisingly, because the people today who espouse them are alive, with muscles and vocal chords, and they will do what they want to do because they are in charge and they’re alive right now.

This having been the case and still being the case in so many places, I am struck by how often I encounter in younger generations a re-thinking of all of this. Not having the baggage of the Second Vatican Council, these generations can look at this phenomenon of the imperialism of novelty and see it for the empty do-it-yourself religion that it is. They can see that it’s a form of chronological snobbery, an egocentricity of the age. Source

Seems that there is a concerted effort by Peter Kwasniewski  Hilary White Steve Skojec Ann Barnhardt and other liturgical fanatics to ridicule Imperialism and therefore mock the Imperialism of the Roman Emperor......

Gee...I wonder where this is leading to........


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