515 SAY YOUR PRAYERS! Time Square Ramming Attacker Stopped Under 1515 Broadway Sign!

On the heels of  Happy 515!  May 15, 2017:

One person is dead and at least 22 others injured after a car was driven the wrong way through Times Square early Thursday afternoon. The New York City Police Department says the driver of the red Honda, 26-year-old Richard Rojas of the Bronx, is in custody. Police say it all began around 11:55 a.m. when the car started moving at a high rate of speed and mounted the sidewalk along Seventh Avenue from 42nd to 45th Street, striking pedestrians along the heavily congested stretch. The car finally came to rest after slamming into a barrier on West 45th Street. Police say the crash is believed to be an isolated incident and does not appear to be terrorism. An 18-year-old woman, Alyssa Elsman from Portage, Michigan, died because of the crash, the city police department said. Police said Elsman's 13-year-old sister is one of the other people injured in the crash. Bellevue Hospital officials said they admitted 13 of the injured, from ages 13 to 72, four of whom are in critical condition. The hospital said another two patients are in serious condition with injuries that include pelvic fractures, internal bleeding, and head injuries, while the other seven are in stable condition. Police say Rojas has two prior arrests for driving while intoxicated. Source


1515 Broadway Viacom Signs a New Lease to Expand in Times Sq.

Viacom Inc., the entertainment conglomerate that owns MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures, is expanding its presence in Times Square with one of the largest leases signed in New York City. The company signed a deal this week that would let it stamp its name on the 54-story skyscraper that it occupies at 1515 Broadway, between 44th and 45th Streets, and ultimately to take over all of the space in the tower. The deal was noteworthy for its size and its timing. The Midtown Manhattan office market has been in the doldrums for months as the vacancy rate has risen — a reflection, in part, of economic uncertainty and layoffs by financial companies. It also closes widespread speculation in the real estate industry that Viacom, which has made its corporate home in Times Square for two decades, might move downtown to the World Financial Center or the World Trade Center when its lease expired in 2015. NY TIMES>>>>>>>


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