Why Participation At The Visible Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass Is Most Necessary: Lest A Pestilence Or The Sword Fall Upon Us.

The Majority of Modern men neglect the Visible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and we will suffer for it one day soon.

A lesson from Moses and Aaron on why Visible Sacrifice to God is necessary:

After these things Moses and Aaron went in, and said to Pharao: Thus saith the Lord God of Israel: Let my people go that they may sacrifice to me in the desert. But he answered: Who is the Lord, that I should hear his voice, and let Israel go? I know not the Lord, neither will I let Israel go. And they said: The God of the Hebrews hath called us, to go three days' journey into the wilderness and to sacrifice to the Lord our God: lest a pestilence or the sword fall upon us.

Of course the primary reason is to worship God and save our souls. The benefits are many.

It's true you can't force the Latin Mass on the faithful - but the Church won't need to force anyone. Once the 35 years of chastisements get under way many will flock to the Latin Mass asking God for protection from the doom.

But it will take 35 years of punishments for men to wake up to the fact...

so enjoy the coming plagues, famines, pestilence etc.....


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