MUSLIM Gunman Opens Fire In Rouen, France: One Wounded - MUSLIM Gunman On The Loose!

Rouen, France: Muslim Gunman Opens Fire Wounding One.

The Muslim gunman is still on the loose.

Rouen is famous for the murder of Father Jacques Hamel by MUSLIMS on 26 July 2016. A Mass was held for the slain priest with Muslims in attendance to show solidarity with Catholics - the fruits of this Mass are 11 Muslim Terror incidents since 26 July 2016.

Gunman at large in France after town centre shooting on election day 

A GUNMAN is on the run after a shooting as voters head to the polls on election day in France.Shots were fired in the town of Rouen in the northern part of the country as the European nation remains on a security knife-edge. One man was shot in the town centre and has been rushed to hospital by paramedics. The 36-year-old was hit in the legs and the gunman remains at large.Police are now investigating to establish the motive for the attack – but is is believed it was a private dispute between the individuals. France has been on a state of high-alert in the wake of a wave of terror attacks across the nation. There is currently understood to be no terror link to this incident in Rouen. Source 


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