One person is fighting for life and another has been left seriously injured after a car careered into a cycle race in the German capital of Berlin. The injured have been rushed to hospital in a race organised by Radsport Club Charlottenburg (RCC) at 12.45pm today. Two cyclists are said to have been seriously injured with one in a life-threatening condition. Two others suffered minor injuries. The race was held by the RCC in the Wannsee area near a place called Nikolsoker Weg.Local reports says four rescue cars, two emergency doctors and a fire truck were sent to scene.Although the exact events have not yet been pieced together, reports say it's believed to be a 'tragic accident.' The RCC was established in 1883 making ti the oldest cycling club in Berlin and the second-largest in Germany. Over the past 30 years the club has organized more than 100 road bike races. Mirror>>>>>


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