MUSLIM Vehicle-Ramming Attack Heidelberg, Germany: Three Germans Injured

Another one of Merkel's Muslim boys using a car to plow over three white Germans:
AT LEAST three people have been injured after a car smashed into pedestrians in Germany. Its fleeing driver, who was carrying a knife, was then shot by police. Local media reports he drove a rental car into crowds in the city centre of Heidelberg near Stuttgart. Police say one of the three people injured is in a serious condition. The alleged driver was taken to hospital.His motive remains unclear, but local media speculates that he may have been mentally disturbed. Dramatic video shows the moment cops draw their guns in a tense standoff with the driver. They chased him down after his car, which has Hamburg licence plates, smashed into a bakery in Bismarckplatz at around 4pm local time. The man, whose details have not yet been revealed, is in a serious condition in hospital. The Sun >>>>>>>


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