Muslim Insanity! Niqab Is A Sign Of Self-Empowerment! 3,000 Muslim Women Protest Austria's Niqab Ban!

This will only get worse.
Thousands of Muslim women have marched in Vienna against controversial government plans to ban full-face veils in public. An estimated 3,000 took part in the rally calling for the law change to be abandoned, accusing the government of Islamophobia. Placards declared that wearing a veil is a personal choice, and protesters claimed that the measure is both sexist and anti-Muslim.Last week Austria's ruling coalition said the niqab and burka ban will come into effect over the next 18 months. It has widely been seen as an effort to counter the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) ahead of parliamentary elections next year. At the protest, which passed peacefully, women marched under the slogan 'My body - My right of self-determination!' Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

Muslims will demand more and more.

Soon Muslims will demand that they have a right to property - your property.

Muslims will demand the right to your bank account.

Muslims will demand the right to rape your wife and daughters.

Muslims will demand the right to rape your dog.

Muslims will demand the right to murder you.

And the powers that be will allow all of this......


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