Drunken MUSLIM Vehicle-Ramming Attack Injuring Five London

Nothing To see folks just another drunken MUSLIM behind the wheel:
The Mercedes left the road and crashed into a wall near Catford Bus Garage in Bellingham this morning. One witness reported seeing a person trapped underneath the car following the smash which left five people in hospital. Police confirmed a 25-year-old man remains in a critical condition while another 25-year-old man and 35-year-old woman are in a serious but stable condition in hospital. Two other men, aged 36 and 46 are in a stable condition; their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. et Police say there is no suggestion the incident is terror-related. The crash happened outside a car wash opposite a row of shops on Bromley Road, with the Mercedes appearing to have come off the road and careered through a row of bollards before hitting a low wall at the end of a hedge. Photos show the Mercedes with its bonnet and boot popped open by the impact. Debris, including a bollard, is strewn across the pavement. Police have arrested the driver on suspicion of drink-driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving, and confirmed the incident was not terror-related. Express>>>>>>>
The police refuse to release the name of the driver......


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