Muslims get busy during Advent - this time Muslims target a Rave Party - set it alight and all perish:
At least nine people are killed and another dozen missing after devastating fire breaks out on the second floor during a 100-person late-night rave inside an Oakland warehouse with no sprinklers
At least nine people died in a massive fire that destroyed a northern California warehouse during an electronic music party early Saturday morning and officials said the building had no sprinkler system. Fire Chief Teresa Deloche-Reed said that at least another 25 people are still unaccounted for after the deadly blaze started around 11:30pm in the 1300 block of 31st Avenue during an event advertised as 'Rave Cave' featuring musician Golden Donna's 100% Silk West Coast tour. 'We still have to do a more thorough search of the building and we don't know the potential number of other victims,' Deloche-Reed said. She added that there was no sprinkler system and that firefighters saw no evidence that smoke detectors were activated during the blaze. Arson investigators are being called to the scene to investigate. 'Right now there's 25 names of people that have not been accounted for,' Deloach-Reed said. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>>

Questions arose Saturday about the safety of artists enclave where at least nine people died in a fire late Friday. The building was known to residents and neighbors as “the Oakland Ghost Ship,” a large, gray-walled warehouse with a skull and other artwork painted outside. The complex was filled with personalized, hand-built spaces tailored for musicians and artisans. Pictures of the building portray a fantastical interior of tapestries, instruments, and ornately carved ceiling and room structures. Al Garcia, owner of a business across the street from the warehouse at 31st Avenue and International Boulevard, said he had worried the live-work space was a fire hazard because of the junk and debris around. The people who lived there, he said, had been trying to clean it up, painted the façade and adding the words “Ghost Ship” across the front. SFGate  Read More>>>>>>>


  1. what the fuck is wrong with you. You should be ashamed of yourself spreading hate in a time of tragedy.

    1. get back to me when the authorities declare that this was the work of Arson....


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