MUSLIM Student Stabs To Death USC Professor Bosco Tjan!

USC Professor Bosco Tjan
Another Muslim student who can't cope with Western Education goes berserk and stabs his professor to death. The authorities refuse to release the name, telling everyone that the Student is a Muslim 
University of Southern California psychology professor stabbed to death by male student who plunged knife into his chest in lab
A professor was stabbed to death on the University of Southern California campus on Friday by a male student who has been taken into custody, police said. USC President CL Max Nikias identified the victim as psychology professor and neuroscientist Bosco Tjan in a letter to the USC community. The stabbing happened just after 4.30pm inside the school's Seely G. Mudd building, the site of a lab that Tjan ran and in the heart of campus, police said. Investigators believe the attack was not random and 'was the result of a personal dispute,' according to the USC Department of Public Safety. Tjan, an expert in vision cognition and perception, stabbed in the chest and was found dead with several stab wounds, officials said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>


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