Who Will Be The First To Be Assassinated? TRUMP OR SNOWDEN?


'Not My President' crowd want to kill President Trump.

Many of the 'Not My President' crowd are fans of Edward Snowden.

Here is Trump from 2013 on what to do to Snowden
Donald Trump on Edward Snowden: Kill the ‘traitor’  
Edward Snowden, the man at the heart of the NSA information leaks, is nothing but a “traitor” — and America ought to recreate history in dealing with him, real estate mogul Donald Trump said on a “Fox & Friends” interview. In other words, execute him, Mr. Trump implied. “I think Snowden is a terrible threat, I think he’s a terrible traitor, and you know what we used to do in the good old days when we were a strong country — you know what we used to do to traitors, right?” Trump said, Politico reported. “Well, you killed them, Donald,” said fill-in host, Eric Bolling. Mr. Trump’s response: Well, he is damaging America. “This guy is really doing damage to this country, and he’s also making us look like dopes,” he said, Politico reported. “This guy is really doing damage to this country, and he’s also making us look like dopes,” he said, Politico reported. “We can’t allow this guy to go out there and give out all our secrets and also embarrass us at every level. We should get him back and get him back now.” WT

OK, kill Snowden, got it!

The 'Not My President' crowd would go nuts! Can you imagine the mass hysteria when one of their 'prophets' gets whacked!

Problem is, is that Snowden is in Moscow. So the task is somewhat difficult.

However things have changed after Trump was elected. Putin celebrated Trump's victory with a glass of champagne in Moscow:

Putin also sent a telegram congratulating Trump.

Now that Putin and Trump are friends, its time for friends to exchange gifts.

Putin will hand over Snowden to Trump. Snowden is an albatross around the neck of Vladimir.

Snowden took Trump's election as a bad omen, he went so far to tell his audience that he is not afraid of what's to come of the Putin/Trump relationship. The day after the election he said this on a webchat hosted by the Dutch private search engine StartPage:
“While I can’t predict what the future looks like, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, I can be comfortable with the way I’ve lived today. And no matter what happens, if there’s a drone strike or I slip and fall down the stairs, that’s something that won’t change. As long as we do our best to live in accordance with our values, we don’t have to worry about what happens tomorrow.” Time
Problem is Eddie, is that, you're not in a state of Grace, and if you die in your current state its hell for all eternity for you. best convert to the Catholic faith now...........

Does Anybody Have Any Questions....


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