100 Injured In NJ Train Crash On Cardinal's Burke's NOVENA FOR OUR NATION DAY 46

On day 46, of Cardinal Burke's NOVENA FOR OUR NATION a train slammed in the station killing several and wounding over 100.

Witness says driver was 'found slumped at the controls of Hoboken train wreckage': Up to three dead and more than 100 injured after commuter train crashed at 'full-speed' through station building 

A New Jersey transit train crashed into the Hoboken station Thursday morning, causing at least one death, more than 100 injuries and travel chaos for commuters making their way into Manhattan during rush hour. The crash happened after 8:30am, and involved the No. 1614 Pascack Valley line train. The train left Spring Valley, New York at 7:23am and was scheduled to arrive in Hoboken at 8:38am, but was running late. Passengers on the train said the train never slowed down as it approached the terminal, crashing at high speed into the terminal which tens of thousands of people use to travel into New York City every day. A witness at the scene said the engineer was found slumped over at the wheel of the train, but officials later said that the operator had survived the accident. One person has been confirmed dead but conflicting reports state that up to two or three people died. More than 100 people were injured - with multiple in critical condition. One of the fatalities appears to be a woman in her 30s who was standing on the platform when the train came barreling towards her. Law enforcement sources told NBC New York that the crash did not appear to be deliberate or an act of terrorism, however the exact cause is still under investigation. It's unclear how fast the train was going when it crashed into the terminal. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

 Here are some of the pics:

Hey, Cardinal, How's that Novena for America working out for you?


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