WHAT? Zuckerberg Meets Pope Francis: Gives Pontiff A Model Of Aquila? Just Days After The 6.2 Amatrice Earthquake! Now Headed To BURNING MAN!


Over 300 souls perished in the 24 August 6.2  Earthquake in Amatrice, Italy. Funerals are held daily. (even as I write this).

Today, Mark Zuckerberg meets with the Pope & gave the Pope a gift:  A model of a Drone named AQUILA:

Zuckerberg posted a photo of himself showing Francis a model of a solar-powered aircraft, named Aquila, “that will beam internet connectivity to places that don’t have it.” (“Aquila” is the Italian word for eagle.) RNS

For those that don't know Aquila is a town in Italy that was hit by an Earthquake 6 April 2009 in which 308 souls perished.

Tomorrow Pope Francis will visit Amatrice,

Mark Zuckerberg is off to BURNING MAN!


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