MUSLIM Bomb Making Material Blows Up Washington DC Apartment Complex Killing Several Including MUSLIM TERRORISTS


Low rent apartment complex in predominately black community blew up this morning killing up to ten souls, including the MUSLIM occupants.

MUSLIMS were making explosives to be use during Assumption Day Feast:

2 a.m. Fire officials say at least 20 to 25 people, including two firefighters, have been injured in a large fire at an apartment building in a Maryland suburb of Washington. According to the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, first responders were dispatched to the scene in Silver Spring just before midnight Wednesday. The department said early Wednesday morning that the fire was believed to be under control. Capt. Oscar Garcia tells The Associated Press the two firefighters injured are believed to have injuries that are not life-threatening. The extent of the others’ injuries wasn’t immediately known. Garcia says not everyone is yet accounted for. The fire involved at least two or three buildings. WTOP Read More>>>>

Two dead, several missing and 34 injured after an explosion ripped through an apartment block in a Washington DC suburb - forcing residents to leap from their windows as it set off huge blaze 

Two people have been killed and more remain missing after a large explosion ripped through an apartment building in a Maryland suburb of Washington - after residents said they smelled gas in the area. At least 34 people, including three firefighters, have been injured. Residents suffered burns from the blaze and fractures from jumping out of windows. Montgomery County Police Assistant Chief Russ Hamill announced two were killed in the blast in Silver Spring during a media conference on Thursday morning. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>


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