MEDITATION Of The Glorious Death Of The Virgin Our Lady POINT IV ~ Venerable Luis de la Puente

Dormition of the Virgin


1. After the Virgin gave up the ghost, her Blessed body was interred with great pomp, both of heaven and earth, so that we may say of her, that which Isaias said of Christ himself: And her Sepulcher shall be glorious: for thither ran the most glorious creatures both iof heaven and earth, to wit, the Apostles, and many Disciples, who went singing hymns, and praises to almighty God, and his mother, as the holy Ghost inspired in their heart and mouth: the quires of Angels also came, which followed after the sacred corps, and remained three days at the sepulcher, making celestial music, honoring her who was their Queen, and who was there entombed.
2. Secondly, her Sepulcher was likewise glorious, for the great miracles which almighty God wrought at the presence of her venerable body. For although while she lived, she wrought no miracles, partly for humility, and partly to leave this glory to the Apostles and preachers of the Gospel, partly also for that her whole life was nothing else but a continual miracle, and much more glorious then the life of John the Baptist, yet in dying, her Son would honor her with conspicuous miracles, like as he honored other Saints.
3. Lastly it was glorious, because though the Apostles, and other Disciples took the death of the Blessed Virgin heavily, yet it is to be believed, that by and by Christ our Lord, did manifest unto them the glory of his mother, and filled their hearts with spiritual joy, they certainly persuading themselves that they had in heaven a true mother & advocate, which would there be careful of them.

O sovereign Virgin, I desire in such manner as I may, to accompany thy body with my spirit, and to enter amongst the Quires of Apostles, and Angels, to sing with them thy due praises. It was most meet, that since thy body was the glorious sepulcher wherein the eternal word was as buried fro nine months, he should now give unto thy body a Sepulcher very glorious, wherein it should repose for three days. And since during thy whole life, it was employed in praising and glorifying thy Creator, and after three days is to return to perform the same exercise perpetually, it was great reason, that during these three days, the Angels should serve it for a tongue wherewith to glorify him, which ever hitherto it had glorified. I give thee thanks (o eternal Word) for the honor which thou didst to thy worthy mother: and for her sake I humbly beseech thee, to give unto me such a death, that I may merit to enjoy thee in her company in glory, world without end, Amen.

Venerable Luis de la Puente  


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