MEDITATION Of The Glorious Death Of The Virgin Our Lady POINT II ~ Venerable Luis de la Puente

Dormition of the Virgin


1. Secondly are to be considered the things which went before the death of the sacred Virgin, pondering first, how albeit God our Lord preserved the Blessed Virgin from original sin, yet would he not preserve her from bodily death which is the effect thereof, but would that she should pass by the same like all other men: wherein is to be seen, how irrevocable the sentence of death is. This likewise he permitted, that the Virgin might imitate her Son herein, who died to redeem us by his death: and to the end that she might merit much, by overcoming this natural repugnancy which the flesh hath to die, seeing as Saint Paul, saith. We would not be spoiled of our body, but overclothed with the garment of glory, that so that which is mortal, might be swallowed up of life. To the end also that she might by her death, give Give to all a rare example of virtue and might have compassion on those that die, as having herself that combat and repugnance of flesh, because she was to be our advocate in the hour of death. Hence will I gather motives, to beseech the holy Virgin to succor me in that hour, obtaining for me some one favor of those many which she received at that time, saying unto her with a very devote spirit, those last words of the Ave Marie: Pray for us sinners, now and in the hour of our death, Amen. And that other hymn with sayth. Mary that mother art of grace, Of mercy mother also art, Save and defend us from our foe, Receive us, when we hence depart.

2. I will consider secondly, how the appointed time being come, for the glorious departure of the Virgin, her Blessed Son sent unto her the Archangel Gabriel, that he might declare this news unto her. He came therefore unto her very shining and resplendent, like as when he came to bring her the message of the incarnation of the divine Word. And it is very probable, that he now entered with the same salutation which he did then, saying. Hail full of grace our Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women, for the blessed fruit of thy womb JESUS, from whom I am sent to denounce unto thee, that now the hour is come, that he will receive thee unto himself, and reward the services which thou hast done, and withal make glad the court of heaven, who are expecting thee, with desire to enjoy thee in their company. O what deep feelings may we think this Blessed Virgin had, when she heard this news: on the one side, full of jubilation of joy, she said with David. I rejoice in these things which were said to me, we shall go into the house of our Lord: and on the other side, with great resignation she repeated that answer which once before she had given to the same Angel, saying. Behold the handmaid of our Lord, be it to me according to thy word. These two affections of the Blessed Virgin, I ought to ponder and keep within my heart, for that hour wherein the news of my death shall be denounced unto me, for God desireth that I receive it with joy and resignation.

3. I will consider thirdly, how the Apostles came miraculously together with many other Disciples, that they might be present at the death of the Blessed Virgin, rather for their own commodity, then for the comfort of the Virgin, albeit she greatly rejoiced to see them present. All lamented her departure, and commended themselves unto her prayers: and she again comforted them all, giving unto them most wholesome councils, and according to the example of her Son prayed for them, & gave them her blessing with great affection, offering herself to be their faithful advocate in the kingdom of heaven.

O most sweet mother, we remain Orphans in earth, if thou ascend and mount to heaven: yet if we be assured of thine assistance from heaven, we shall live secure here in earth. Ascend therefore in good time, since by thy benediction thou dost leave us a pledge, that we shall follow thee, to the end we may enjoy with thee thy Son in eternal glory, Amen 
Venerable Luis de la Puente


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