Ex GAY PORN STAR Matt Null, A CNN Senior Producer MURDERED By MUSLIM While On Vacation In Barcelona.

No news on the murder.

He died on the feast of the Assumption.

Which I'm sure was lost on Null seeing that Null was a GAY PORN STAR
CNN Producer Dies on Vacation in Europe 
Matt Null, a CNN senior producer and a former Fox News producer, died on Monday while vacationing with friends in Barcelona. He was 34. Null had been worked on CNN’s “Early Start” for more than three years. The morning show’s anchor, Christine Romans, shared the news with viewers on Wednesday. “It is with a heavy heart that we report tragic news of one of our own this morning,” Romans said, holding back tears. A cause of death has not been revealed.Romans described Null as an “exceptional producer” who was a “rising star here at CNN.” “He is literally the voice in our head every morning. When terrible things happen around the world, he is the one who brings it to you with calm and fairness,” she added. “He is someone who really made a difference in the world through his job.” Before joining the CNN team, he worked as a producer for Fox News Channel’s “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren,” beginning in in 2012. Van Susteren also discussed Null on-air, saying the news of his death “stopped me in my tracks.” Variety Read More>>>>
Cause of death not revealed because the Media does not want to offend Muslims and if word got out that a Muslim murdered a CNN senior producer, well that would just help the Donald and we can't have that.


  1. Please substantiate this.

    1. what?

      1. gay
      2. ex-porn star
      3. on vacation
      4. cnn producer
      5. dead
      6. murdered by a muslim.....

    2. First of all, Matt didn't get murdered. Second of all, you're probably gay who wrote this which is why you would write a hateful thing like this. Third, he wasn't an adult porn "star." He did 3 whack-off videos to pay off a DUI because his mom couldn't pay for it and his dad was estranged. Did you whack off to his videos? That's probably how you know. Guess what? I masturbate too and am a Roman Catholic.

    3. ah....this is not the confessional.....you need to go to a priest inside a confessional box in order to confess your sins...

    4. and as paying off his DUI's by starting in porn video..was court supervised and approved?

    5. You're a closted homo. Also where did you get the Muslim thing? You totally made that up. How Christian is that? I know Matt and know what happened. This whole blog is a lie.

    6. Am I a closeted Muslim as well? LOL!

      Yea....where's the funeral

  2. oh and please where is the media coverage?

    News guy dies while on vacation, and this is not news?

    what is the media hiding this time? LOL!

  3. Also no Muslims involved in this situation. At all.

  4. anonymous... contact me. I used to be his mentor. Still heart broken about Matt's death.


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