What Gives? Pewsitter's Creator Frank Walker Leaves Pewsitter & Creates Opposition Site Canon212?

What's up?

What's the true story behind the creation of Canon212?

I don't expect Steve Skojec to tell us the truth behind the creation of Cannon212. Steve is a liar - a showman.

Here is Steve's spin:
And then, at the end of March of this year, he sent me a note: “Starting in May I’m no longer going to post PewSitter.” But it wasn’t the end. “I’m planning to launch a new site in June,” he said, “but I haven’t made any announcement yet.” Well, quietly, earlier this month, Canon212.com was launched, with Frank Walker at the helm. Canon212.com should look familiar – it’s a news aggregation site in a Drudge Report-esque style. In a Pewsitter-esque style. But whereas Pewsitter (which still regularly links to our stories) has taken on a more American political overtone in addition to Church news, Canon212.com has that unmistakable Frank Walker style  1P5 Read More>>>>

Look,  if Steve is gonna lie to you about Our Lady of Fatima he will lie to you about anything.

Why create another new site that is just like the old site? Doesn't make any sense.

Maybe Frank forgot to renew the .com for Pewsitter and someone else owns it now?

Or maybe the pewsitter newsclippers demanded money from Frank for their time.....

Yea..probably the money....

But then again I don't know. The true reason will be kept hidden from the public eye...just like Vatican hiding the true third secret........

Yea..what you accuse others of doing, you yourself do!


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