Maybe Drug Dealer Hunter John Cramsey Should Go To The Philippines To Hunt Down & Kill Drug Dealers....President Duterte 'Go Ahead And Kill Drug Dealers/Addicts'

'I am not a terrorist, I'm a father': Vigilante dad jailed for hunting down heroin dealers after model daughter's overdose death reveals heartbreak of watching her slide into drugs with her addict boyfriend

When police pulled John Cramsey over on the way into New York, they found a huge collection of powerful weapons. The 50-year-old was arrested and sparked claims that cops had foiled a deadly attack on the Big Apple. But the Second Amendment supporter insists that he is not a vigilante or a terrorist. Instead he claims he is just a heartbroken father who was trying to help a girl at risk of being dragged into a heroin addiction - four months after his model daughter overdosed with her boyfriend. In an interview with The New York Post from the Hudson County Correctional facility in New Jersey, he revealed how he suffered after his 20-year-old daughter Alexandria 'Lexii' Cramsey passed away.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Hey...if you can't kill drug dealers here in the USA....maybe you should move to the Philippines.....
Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte tells people to 'go ahead and kill' drug addicts  
The strongman president of the Philippines has told people to “go ahead and kill” drug addicts. Former lawyer Rodrigo Duterte was only sworn in at the end of June but has already incited the killing of large numbers of criminals, in particular drug traffickers. The controversial figure is known for his hardline stance on crime, with his favoured position to simply kill people he regards as lawbreakers. During his time as mayor of Davao city, once crime ridden but now peaceful, he gained a reputation for being involved in extra-judicial killings. Independent Read More>>>>>>


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