How To Mess With Cult Driven Gang Stalkers Like The Assemblies Of God Cult.....

How to mess with the ones who target you with Gang Stalking?


Pray all eight hours of the Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary at the appointed hours or there about, and ask for help from the Blessed Mother.

Only works if you're a faithful Catholic.

If not? become one.

Gang Stalking is no different than demonic harassment.

As a matter of fact all of the participants in the Gang that is stalking someone are always heretics and are definitely in a state of mortal sin and they themselves are subject to harassment by demons. These stalkers just do the bidding of their familiars.

Some, if not a good majority of members of the Cult Driven Stalking Gang are possessed by Demons.

The nuts at the Assemblies of God are good at Gang Stalking because the majority of these heretics are driven by Hell.

So have some fun with the ones who think they can control your movements by stalking you!

Treat them as you would a demon...because that's what they are.


Sweet demonic dreams you damn morons! While you're sleeping, I'm praying the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.....



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