Dave Domet (Vox Cantoris) Says Get Out Of The Bastard Rite! & Two Weeks Later The First Priest-Martyr Of The 21st Century In France Father Jacques Hamel Dies On The Altar Saying The Bastard Rite!

Here we go again. 

The self proclaimed prophet Dave tipping over tables and throwing things does it again!

Dave condemns souls to hell when they are alive every chance he gets, but when those souls die - Dave prays for them?


Dave the mad prophet will not stop. 

Here two weeks ago is what Dave had to say about the New Mass:
Free yourself - get out of the bastard rite! The Reform of the Reform is dead!
Sooner or later friend, you are going to do it. You are going to wake up one morning and realise you cannot do it anymore. You cannot fool yourself. Leave it. Leave the "serviettes" - the girl altar boys, and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Leave the horizontal man-centred, sorry "person- centred" liturgy, leave the banality. Leave the distortion, the happy-clappy priest in tie-dye polyester. Leave the guitars and bongos. Leave the bad homilies, the heresy and the stupid, bad-behaving Catholics who do not care about their own souls or yours because we're all going to heaven anyway. Leave the protestantism, the bad music and the effeminate, sodomite priests and lesbian nuns and feminazi parish organisers. Leave it. Get out of the Novus Ordo liturgy. Free yourself.  Source
Now most of you do not know this, but the new mass is a stripped and barren mass. 

All of the prayers and ceremonies of the Latin mass have been taken out of the new mass. 

So we have a stripped and barren new mass. 

Just like a tree by running water produces fruit, but when one strips away the tree's bark, flowers & leaves, the tree no longer bears fruit. 

Same goes for the Mass, 

The Mass is like a Tree by running water but when its prayers and ceremonies (leaves, flowers & bark) are stripped from the Mass it bears no fruit or very little. You know this. 

So the new mass is the same as the Latin Mass but with all its prayers and ceremonies stripped away. Jesus is still present in the new mass - the new mass is not a Bastard Rite as Dave claims, its just devoid of all the prayers and ceremonies.

Many of you object to this.

But you are the same who claim that Pope Francis is a punishment for our own infidelities. we deserve Pope Francis you say.

Well so is the new mass - its a punishment for own infidelities. we deserve the new mass.

But blowhards like fat Dave the prophet don't see it this way. No Dave damns the stripped and barren mass to hell with all the priests who say the stripped and barren new mass.

Priests like Father Jacques Hamel who said the stripped and barren new mass.

This priest died on the Altar having his throat slit by Muslims. This Priest was a Martyr for the stripped and barren new Mass, no matter how much you hate to admit it.

Here are pictures of today's Bastard Rite Mass said in memory of the slain Priest:

Priests Edgar Deguenon (left) and Brice de Malherbe (centre) arrive for a mass at the Notre-Dame cathedral on July 26, 2016 in Paris, in memory of the murdered priest in the Normandy city of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray 

Gee I wonder if Dave Approves?

So of course Dave the fat prophet (no need to fast for modern day prophets) makes a post today to show how generous and saintly he is by praising the new priest-martyr:
Priest murdered during Mass, throat slit by followers of the evil Mohammed and his bastard god 
The evil manifested in the world today shows Islam's true colours. It is how it was founded, by the sword, by blood sacrifice of humanity to its false god; - a complete and utter dichotomy of the true sacrifice of God for humanity. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, which these Mohammedans deny, came to Earth as a baby and grew to holy manhood. The God-man submitted to take upon himself the sins of the world from all time and for all time. He became sin. He submitted Himself to blood sacrifice as the one and only pure atonement. This priest, Jacques Hamel, may he rest in peace, knew that. It was at this re-presentation of that all-redeeming sacrifice that these Mohammedans took his blood in their lust for death and false sacrifice to a false god, the devil, Satan. May his blood be united with the most Holy Blood of the Lord whom he served and His people. France has a new priest-martyr. May he, even now, be enjoying the Beatific Vision and interceding for France, and us all. Source
 Notice Dave uses his favorite word again 'bastard' when describing Mohammed's God! LOL!

And even though Jacques Hamel said the bastard rite, Dave assures us that he is enjoying the Beatific Vision and interceding for France, and us all!

Again LOL!

Here is the reality:

We deserve the stripped and barren New Mass because of our transgressions.

We deserve Pope Francis because of our transgressions.

And here is the kicker:

 You all deserve Dave because of  your transgressions!


  1. Hey there mystery person in the dark recesses of the blogosphere,

    I'll admit from time to time, I gaze at your blogs, partly thanks to the attention from Terry at Abbey Roads, and partly because you are one of the few people to actually see the stupidity and darkness of what these Radicals Misrepresenting Traditonalists are: hypocrites. While I don't value that other good centralist Catholic commentators get thrown into the mix, I do value when you speak the truth everyone else is willfully blind to, with people such as Voris et al.
    . Funny, you commented once before the Jones book about Voris and the Pause program. Eerie you said it first before Jones in his e book.

    I comment on this post with mixed criticism, but praise as well

    The criticism: despite you calling out the blogger for calling the rite a "bastard rite" you yourself speak in a derogatory manner of the Novus Ordo Mass. Was it stripped of certain prayers and such "literally?" Yes and Fr Z's blog offers excellent analytic commentary as proof in his posts on Collects of the 1962 vs Novus Ordo. However based on the whole of your tone and multiple blogs, you likewise detest the Novus Ordo to the point that you go against Benedict XVI in Summorum Pontificum who Pontificates in the document both forms of the rite are to be respected. Shame because you had a good valid point going and it was weakened by speaking in a similar tone.

    Now the praise: thank you for calling out the hypocrisy, especially in regards to this martyred priest for our Catholic Faith. It really drives home how cruel the RMTs are, and how they truly do not love their Alter Christi of the Church when they are alive, nor Holy Mother Church herself.
    If someone loves you when you are dead they never loved you at all. This is a reality call, which makes Radical Traditionalism utterly stupid.

    Still if anything, this priest's heroic act proves that even in the darkest of days, even in what is the liturgy and the face of the Church today, our Church will stand and is built on the blood of Martyrs. What they take away will only lead to the strengthening of Heaven's army, bestowing upon us more saints of the Lord who can intercede for our prayers. He rewards you in the afterlife (notwithstanding mortal sin.)

    While you got some work to do, thanks for speaking the truth.


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