UPDATED! St. Barbara Placed In Gotthard Base Tunnel? She Then Burns Down 7000+ Acres Santa Barbara California........

What does St. Barbara think about being placed in a tunnel that was dedicated to the Pagan Gods?
Oh and then there was the  ecumenical blessing of the tunnel by a Jew + Lutheran + Muslim + Woman Priest + Catholic Priest.

Oh and that dedication ceremony..........

Again, what does St. Barbara think about being lumped in with all the Pagans + Jews + Heretics and other assorted evil nonsense?


Santa Barbara County declares state of emergency as wildfire scorches 4,000 acres

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (KTLA) — A wildfire that burned thousands of acres in Santa Barbara County prompted the declaration of a local emergency as firefighters continued Friday to face difficult conditions. KTLA reported that more than 1,200 personnel were responding to the fire, which has been burning since it started near Refugio Road, west of Goleta, on Wednesday. The fire had scorched 4,000 acres and was just 5 percent contained, officials stated at a late morning news conference Friday. About 270 structures are threatened. A water treatment plant that serves El Capitan State Beach burned down overnight, a California State Parks superintendent said. Camping reservations were likely to be canceled, he said. A declaration of local emergency was made by the county just after 10 a.m., said Supervisor Doreen Farr, who represents the area burning. Agriculture and natural resources have been damaged, Farr said. Another official said avocados, olives, lemons and cattle-grazing lands were damaged. The fire comes as California continues into its fifth year of drought. “It is ominous. We are concerned because the fuels out there are drought-stressed. There’s a lot of tree mortality out there that makes fire behavior worse,” Santa Barbara County Fire Department Chief Eric Peterson said. “The drought is making an already pretty volatile situation not any better.” Source

Saturday 18 June

Don't abuse the Saints........


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