Plague At The South Pole?

Is there a medical team at the Amundsen-Scott research station?


But two of the workers have to be evacuated during the winter because treatment of the sick individuals at the site is not an option.

So what's the sickness?

The US government is not allowed to say what the sickness is, that requires removal of a worker during the dead of winter for privacy reasons?

And yet, the world is told how many Zika cases are currently here in the US.

So either the aliment is of no importance or it is the opposite - something contagious that would infect the other 47 workers:

A rare, risky mission is underway to rescue sick scientists from the South Pole

Two small bush planes are flying to the South Pole this week to evacuate workers at the Amundsen-Scott research station — a feat rarely attempted during the middle of the Antarctic winter. Kelly Falkner, the director of polar programs for the National Science Foundation (which runs the South Pole station), said that at least one seasonal employee for contractor Lockheed Martin requires medical treatment not available at the station and needs to be flown out. A second worker may also be rescued. Falkner couldn't provide further details about the medical motivation behind the rescues for privacy reasons. "We try to balance our decisions with all of the risks involved," Falkner said. Other factors include the condition of the patients, the safety of the flight crew and the needs of the 48 people overwintering at Amundsen-Scott. "It's a very serious decision that we take to move in this direction," she said. Roughly 50 people overwinter at the Amundsen-Scott station each year, most of them employed by the NSF or lead contractor Lockheed Martin. Source 


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