Omar Mateen Was Recruited By Saudi Intelligence After Appearing On Documentary "The Big Fix" Then Traveled To Saudi Arabia In 2011 & 2012 At The Request Of The Saudi Government

Omar Mateen was recruited by Saudi Intelligence or the General Intelligence Directorate (GID) after his appearance on the Documentary "The Big Fix". The Documentary  was filmed in 2010 and the initial release was May 17, 2011.

Omar travelled to Saudi Arabia in March 2011 & March 2012. 

Saudis finance both of Mateen's trips. The head of GID Muqrin bin Abdulaziz approved of the trips.

The trips were not religious pilgrimages:
“It’s not cheap to do so and people that young usually don’t go twice,” said Adnan Khan, former leader of the Council of Pakistan-American Affairs. “And especially considering he appeared not to have come from a staunchly religious background.” One umrah is usually enough for a Muslim, said Timothy Furnish, an expert in Islamic history and consultant to the Pentagon. “The fact that Mateen made two of those would suggest that he felt he had many sins needing rectifying and/or he was not engaged solely in religious activity but meeting with someone in Saudi Arabia,” Furnish said. source
Mateen was radicalized by the GID during both trips, again, with the knowledge of The head of GID Muqrin bin Abdulaziz.

Mateen made his own decision to target the gay bar. Mateen's original intended soft target was Disney, but with the news of murder of Christina Grimmie on Friday night, some sources say that he was pushed into acting quickly, thinking that his opportunity for Jihad on Disney soft target would be thwarted by increase security measures.

Did the Saudis help plan Mateen's Disney attack? 


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