UPDATED: Electric Daisy Carnival DOOM! ISIS Soft Target Las Vegas Rave Party! One Week After Pulse!

I always knew I’d being doing this until I’m dead...........

Electric Daisy Carnival celebrates 20th anniversary in Las Vegas with 400,000 revelers: ‘The stakes have never been so high’

Raves are rarely built to last. But this weekend, more than 400,000 people are expected to jam the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the 20th anniversary of the nation’s biggest dance music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival. “I always knew I’d being doing this until I’m dead. But now the stakes have never been so high,” said Pasquale Rotella, founder of the Insomniac concert firm that promotes EDC. “It started at such a micro level, when EDM wasn’t even around. Now it’s at a place that we’ve always dreamed of having it. But the dream keeps growing, and dance music is always thinking about what’s next.” After two decades, EDC Las Vegas is the gold standard of raves in America. The festival routinely sells out before the lineup is announced and will soon expand to India, Japan and Mexico. Almost every notable EDM, dubstep and techno act plays the Las Vegas edition each year. LA Times Read More>>>>>>>

Last weekend Ramadan Jihad attack left 50 dead.

What will be the death toll be this weekend in Vegas at the EDC rave party?

Muslims will kill the infidel after sunset during Ramadan.

Strange events this week pointing to some disaster in the world of Music:

Muslims do hate Music:


No attack last night.

Maybe today? Events scheduled from this afternoon until 10 PM..there was however this little strange event.....

Stage, speakers catch fire at Electric Daisy Carnival night two:
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - One employee was injured when a part of a stage at Electric Daisy Carnival caught fire early Sunday morning. The Clark County Fire Department said a propane-fueled pyrotechnic device failed to operate properly and ignited parts of one stage and some surrounding speakers. Stage employees were unsuccessful in their attempts to extinguish the fire and one received minor burn injuries. Stand-by crews from the Clark County Fire Department were able to get the fire under control, limiting its spread to other areas of the stage and preventing a significant fire from occurring. Source 

Hey, Willie Pete! Is that a glow stick or a white phosphorus bomb.........


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