Catholic David Warren Doesn't Embrace Modern Democracy? But He Still Votes! LOL!

I stand accused this morning of embracing “democracy,” or even “populism” as another correspondent alleges. They refer to my delight in Brexit, mildly expressed in passing last week. But the charge is unreasonable. I would never do such a thing. I was simply stating my slight preference between two democratic parties. I did mention that both are repellent, did I not? Two jabbing arms of the same, seemingly invincible Power, whether it projects from London or Brussels. Source

What is it with these confused anti-democracy Catholics?
On the one hand they always tell you that they do not support modern democracy but they still vote in elections?
Plus these confused souls never ever tell you what is to replace the democracy they some much despise.
These confused souls never ever give you a solution.
So is it surprising that some question the consistency of those anti-democracy Catholics who cheer the success of the poplar vote for Brexit?
One wonders why anti-democracy Catholics cheer a democratic vote?
No solution either from these confused anti-democracy Catholics
Warren may not like democracy....
but Warren certainly doesn't embrace the restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor.



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