#FEMEN MAD FOR MUHAMMAD! WTF? "Allah Is Not A Politician" & "No Islam Isn't Political" HAPPY 515!

First off, the girls of FEMEN are godless apostates. The girls defending "Allah" as if "Allah" is God, is a joke.

The correct view: Allah is a Devil. Allah is not God. Allah is not the Blessed Trinity.

FEMEN is the creation of the eighth floor guys over in Langley. Getting woman to take off their tops in front of politicians at conferences etc was pure genius.

But, alas, the girls at FEMEN have gone off the reservation, and are now in the hands of the Saudis, who want to put a happy face on Islam. The Saudis are now fondling the breast of FEMEN and doing a bad job at that. There are other elements in the CIA who are pro-Muslim (but there time is short)

The latest FEMEN nonsense is painting a pro-Prophet Muhammad message on the breasts and backs of the FEMEN girls.

"Allah Is Not A Politician"

"No Islam Isn't Political"


The above FEMEN vies on Islam is one reason why woman should not be allowed to vote!

Here is Marsiglio of Padua on Islam. What Marsiglio  said back then still applies today:
For after his great victory over the Persians, Heraclius oppressed the Persians and the other Eastern nations with too savage a rule, because of which they unanimously seized on the opportunity for revolt. But so as to set aside their obedience to the Roman Empire irrevocably, following the advice of Mahomet, who at the time was allied with rich and powerful Persians, they adopted a different religion, so that on account of different beliefs and faiths or sects they would not return to this first lordship from the other one. In this they followed the example of Jeroboam , who converted the ten tribes that followed him to a different religion so that they might not return to their old and rightful allegiance.

The Greeks took the same or similar action, for wishing to be separated from obedience to the Roman Church; they adopted a different religion or a different ceremony in their ministration, and so fell knowingly into diverse errors. For all their splendid priests, who defend and foment schisms, are Nestorians or Eutictites or Arians or Jacobites or Hebionites. That, then, is what happened in regard to the peoples and nations of those regions in which the insurrection and disobedience already mentioned occurred. For in order that such insurrection would last they induced their followers to break away and leave not just the Roman Empire but Christianity itself, while accepting certain elements common to the law of Moses and top the Gospel, as is made plain in the Koran. For this reason, it may be noted that certain heretical sects were very friendly towards Mahomet and the laws of the Saracens, which are based on the Koran, for instance, the Nestorians, whom Mahomet orders to be treated with honour. For this reason, Richard relates in his chronicles that a certain monk by the name of Sergius, who was a Greek and a Nestorian, gave Mahomet instruction for a long time and hence it arises that the Nestorians have large monasteries under the dominion of the Saracens. Marsiglio of Padua in his work De translatione Imperii, chapter iii.
Muhammad was a political rebel who rebelled against the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Roman Emperor. Muhammad created his political movement to take his revenge on the Romans. The Quran is his political slogan book written to brainwash as many a possible into his way of thinking. Muhammad spread his lies about God and did a very good job in removing many generations from the Roman Catholic Faith up until this very day.

Allah is a DEVIL!

Muhammad is POLITICAL!

Islam is Political!

 A little bit of propaganda for you... 😎

No barrel, even though it's lost a hoop
or end- piece, ever gapes as one whom I
saw ripped right from his chin to where we fart:
his bowels hung between his legs, one saw
his vitals and the miserable sack
that makes of what we swallow excrement.
While I was all intent on watching him,
he looked at me, and with his hands he spread
his chest and said: "See how I split myself!
See now how maimed Mohammed is! And he
who walks and weeps before me is Ali,
whose face is opened wide from chin to forelock.
And all the others here whom you can see
were, when alive, the sowers of dissension
and scandal, and for this they now are split.
Behind us here, a devil decks us out
so cruelly, re-placing every one
of this throng underneath the sword edge when
we've made our way around the road of pain,
because our wounds have closed again before
we have returned to meet his blade once more.
But who are you who dawdle on this ridge,
perhaps to slow your going to the verdict
that was pronounced on your self-accusations?
"Death has not reached him yet," my master answered,
"nor is it guilt that summons him to torment;
but that he may gain full experience,
I, who am dead, must guide him here below,
to circle after circle, throughout Hell:
this is as true as that I speak to you."
More than a hundred, when they heard him, stopped
within the ditch and turned to look at me,
forgetful of their torture, wondering.
"Then you, who will perhaps soon see the sun,
tell Fra Dolcino to provide himself
with food, if he has no desire to join me
here quickly, lest when snow besieges him,
it bring the Novarese the victory
that otherwise they would not find too easy."
When he had raised his heel, as if to go,
Mohammed said these words to me, and then
he set it on the ground and off he went.
Inferno Canto XXVIII

'See how I rend myself, see how mangled is Mohammed!' 


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