WTF Just Happened? Gary Michael Voris Announces His Perverted Homosexual Activities & All Of The Latin Mass Attending Crowd Take His Side.......How Many Underage Boys Did Voris Sodomize?

Hey morons! How many underage boys did Gary Michael Voris Sodomize? 10? 100? 1000?

Oh yea......that.....Gary never said he didn't rape boys. Gary gave the impression that all the males he sodomized were adult males.

And all of you Latin Mass attending morons take Voris' words at face value, and assume that all of his sodomite activities were above board and somehow discreet with men of the highest caliber, and of a most legal and acceptable age and that even if Gary was tempted by some young handsome young youth...well then Gary had the decency to ask for proof of age and if Voris was confronted with an underage boy, well then Gary had enough sense to say no to the boy and send the young boy packing!

Unless of course Gary was drunk and coked out of his mind....well then....that's OK......



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