MUSLIM REFUGEES Are To Staff All Of Pope Francis' Catholic Hospitals, Catholic Nursing Homes & Catholic Orphanages!

Addressing faithful in St. Peter’s Square at a Saturday evening prayer vigil for the Jubilee of Divine Mercy — 11 years to the day after the death of St. John Paul II — the pope announced his wish that, in every diocese, “a hospital, a home for the elderly, for abandoned children, a school where none exists, a home for the recovery of addicts,” or some similar structure be established as “a living memory” of the Year of Mercy. 
The Pope said the idea came to him recently during a meeting with directors of a charitable agency. But he thought to himself: “I will share it in the square on Saturday.” Aleteia Read More>>>>>>
1. Pope Francis flooded Europe with Muslim refugees.

2. Pope Francis houses Muslim Refugees in all closed Churches and Convents

3. Pope Francis will staff all newly built Diocesan Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Orphanages

One has to wonder why Pope Francis wants to build over 2000 Catholic Hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages.

I guess the Muslim horde that has flooded Europe need to be employed. I always wondered what these million Muslim men do all day - I know what they do at night (rape European women.)

I guess this was the plan from the beginning.

Prior to Vatican II Nuns and religious were the ones who staffed all the Catholic Hospitals that all the nuns and religious are no where to be found, who will fill their shoes? Yes, that's right! The million or so Muslims who invaded Europe!


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