In Honor Of Prince Minneapolis Priests Wear Purple Vestments! But I Prefer To Use X25 Pro Clip On Thermal Infrared Imaging FLIR Rifle Weapon Sight Scope It Gives OFF A PRUPLE HAZE!

I guess its true:
Fifth Sunday of Easter: Archdiocesan priests asked to wear purple vestments for Prince!
Not only the Priests are wearing purple, but the Choir as well:

The choir dressed in purple as well. Somehow, they were able to adapt the Glory and Praise, David Haas/Marty Haugen lyrics to Prince instrumentals/melodies. On Eagles Wings was remixed with Little Red Corvette. It was awesome. Read More>>>>>
At a Latin Mass you don't see the choir...but i'm pretty sure none of them were wearing purple

The only choice I have to honor Prince is a scope:

Oh wait I just looked down and realized that I wore a purple tie to Mass!

Here is a song about purple and a witch casting a spell on that Ed Grimley on drums?


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