UPDATED How Come Michael Voris Was Never Persecuted For His Faith, Like Others Are, Once They Leave The Devil’s Grip? Did Gary Really Give Up His Past Life Of Sodomy?

"Satan Has Offspring. You Bet He Does" Gary Voris 
“A forerunner of the Antichrist, with his troops gathered from several nations, will fight against the true Christ, the only Saviour of the world. He will shed much blood and will want to annihilate the worship of God to make himself be looked upon as a God. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)
Gary Never Left The Grip Of The Devil

Hey if you’re in the grip of the devil from a very young age, living the life of a Sodomite, and you continue in that sodomite lifestyle up until you suddenly renounce your sin of sodomy in your late forties, don’t you think the Devil would have something to say about you leaving his very tight grip? Hell, a thirty year grip!

Well, yes the Devil would say something and others would certainly be witness to the Devils attacks on one who left his grip for the Catholic Faith.

Scripture is full of stories of men and women who left the Devils grip, only to be persecuted by evil and wicked men who do the bidding of the Devil.

But Mr. Gary Michael Voris who now admits he was a Sodomite from a very young age up until his forties never was persecuted for leaving the Devil’s grip - NEVER!

Did Gary ever make a video of him complaining of being persecuted by anyone? Any? No. There is no Vortex of Gary complaining that he is being persecuted for renouncing his former life.

Why is that? Because, Gary Michael Voris, hid his Sodomite lifestyle from all.

This is why the Devil never persecuted Gary Michael Voris - because Gary never renounced his Sodomite ways. The Devil still had a very great grip on Voris. This explains the reason why Gary was never a victim of persecution.

So instead of persecution, Gary received applause and fame (little as it is) amongst those who attend the Latin Mass and conservative Catholics who attend the new mass.

With his new found fame as a lay apologist, Gary was able to travel the world.

Gary was well known all over the world as a defender of the faith.

Gary traveled to:



I guess a world traveler is a sign of persecution?

Do any of you know of any one who persecuted Gary Michael Voris? Name one persecutor?

For further insights on persecution faced by those who leave the devil's grip please read the following by Robert Southwell:
And first it must needs be a great comfort to those that either reclaimed from schism, or heresy, or from dissolute life to the constant profession of the Catholic Faith, are for that cause by the devil & his instruments persecuted: for that it is a very great sign that they are delivered out of his power & by him accounted for sheep of Gods flock, seeing that otherwise he would never so heavily pursue them. 
The poor cripple had laid long at the pond upon Probatica, and none would say a word of rebuke unto him, but so soon as he was by Christ cured both in body and in soul, & began joyfully to execute his commandment, they straight reproved him, for carrying his bed on a Sabbath day. 
The like we read, of that blind man, who so long as he continued in his blindness, was never called in question, but so soon as his eyes were opened, not only he himself, but his parents also were presently converted. 
When Mary Magdalene came to wash Christ’s feet with tears, and anoint them with precious ointment, there was a Simon to murmur at her, for the one, and a Judas to reprehend the other, who notwithstanding spake not against her, while she held on her lewd and damnable course. 
The devil desires to dash our little ones against the rock, that is, to blast virtue in the bud, before it grow either to fruit or flower. 
So began he with Eve in paradise, in so much, that the forbidden apple, is thought by the Fathers to have been the very first, that she tasted of. 
So did Pharaoh procure to root out the Hebrews, by killing their babes: as Herod also thought to do with Christ, when he murdered the Innocents. 
The devil hath his mastiffs to guard his fold, that if any escape out they may presently bark & bite him with detraction slanders; & if that will not serve, with heavier afflictions.

Of thee the Scripture sayeth, The Children of men their teeth are like swords, and arrows, & their tongue a sharp blade. 
And though they be very ugly monsters, that instead of teeth, and tongue, carry such murdering weapons, yet such are the devils instruments, to persecute those, that recoil from his service. 
These men St. Cyprian well describes in the person of Novatian, saying that a man, is a destroyer of the Church, an enemy of mercy, a murderer of penance, a preacher of pride, a corrupter of the truth, & a spoiler of charity. 
But they that leave their journey, for such, are like horses that are frighted with shadows, seeing they fear the pains, & troubles of this world which indeed are but shadows, in respect of those of the world to come.
They there trembled for fear where there was no just occasion thereof. 
It is not for us to regard the slanders of men, or to abandon the service of God for them, seeing that it is but a very slender excuse, to allege the fear of words of a vassal, as a just impediment of not performing our duty towards our sovereign. 
The friendship of this world is an enemy to God, & St. Paul himself said, that if he would have pleased men, he could not have been the servant of God. 
It were a great folly for the blind, to revile, or scorn others, because they see, or for the lame, to contemn those that are found of limbs: and much more sottishness were it, for a man that sees to go blindfold, or to put out his eyes for the blind wretches scoffing,or to limp or main himself for the cripples saying. 
He that walketh an upright way, and feareth God, is despised of him that treadeth infamous paths. 
He that dwelt in the heavens shall laugh such to scorn, knowing how much better they deserve it, then those, whom they make their stales. 
It is no disgrace to the sun to be hated of the Owl, and night birds, nor to the jewel to be trodden on, and not esteemed of the beasts. 
And so Apristippus, when one told him, that men despised him, answered, so do the beasts them, making as little account of their contempt, as they did to be contemned of the beasts. 
Lo my witness (sayeth Job) is in heaven, and in the highest he, that is privy to my doings. 
We must not esteem, how we are judged of men, but how acceptable we are unto God, who is the only umpire, of whom we must look for the final verdict upon all our actions.

St. Bernard computer such as are carried with the words of men's mouths, unto the moon; which because it hath but a borrowed light, sometimes waxes and sometimes wains, & other whiles is not seen at all. 
So sayeth he that that rely their consciences in other men's lips, are sometimes of great, otherwise of little, and full often of no account, as it pleaseth the flattering tongues, to set forth,to surprise their praise. 
But he that with the sun carries his light within him, and may say with St. Paul. Our glory is the testimony of our conscience, howsoever he may with a cloud of disgrace, & malicious slanders, be covered from men’s eyes, yet can his light be never so darkened, but that Our father, which sees in secret will reward him, and in the day of judgment shall he shine like the sun itself in the view of the whole world, agreeable to that saying, The just like the sun shall blaze out their brightness.
You must not think, when you are come out of the Whales belly, to sit with Jonas in the shadow, but that you shall have some envious worm, to gnaw the Iuye root asunder. And if you be altered from a thorn, or Brier, to be an odoriferous Cedar, the worm, that can not breed in you, will be gnawing about you. 

It is the property of the devil, and his instruments, to feed like storks, upon the venomous & evil actions of men, and they only take pleasure to see us in sin, and rejoice (if we amend) at our calamities. 
And as Vultures, or ravens, though they straight smell a dead corpse, when it is corrupted, and drawn, unto it by the unsavory stench, in which their delight is: yet the sound bodies, they neither sent, nor seek out: So the wicked are ready to flock about us while we are in the stench of sin, and corrupted with vice, because they themselves delight therein: Yet if we be sound and whole, and have cast from us, that carrion, whereof they were eager, they neither smell us nor seek us, yea rather avoid us and hate us. 
The savor of virtue strikes them dead, and though in the winter when the vine was bare, they could lye under it, yet in the spring when it begins to flower, they like serpents are stricken dead with the sent thereof : and therefore no marvel, though they mortally hate it. 
In our storm is their time of singing, as to the Sirens is usual, and they are most sad in out calm, and sorry in our welfare. 

And as the ship, while it is upon the maigne sea, is in a manner a Castle or commonwealth by itself, and having all the sails hoisted up, and swollen with with the wind, and the banners displayed with a very lofty show dances upon the waves, and allures every eye to behold the pride thereat: But when it is coming into the haven, it is straight ransacked by the Searcher, forced to pay custom, and the sails being gathered, the banners taken in, the anchors cast, it lyeth quietly at rode and is little regarded: So they, that while they sail upon the surges of worldly vanities, & followed the tide of a conscienceless course, might range uncontrolled, and having the favorable gale of authority to wast them forward, and honors and pomp to see them forth, were admired of the people: if they chance by Gods calling to retire themselves into the port of true faith, and virtuous life, to work their salvation, they are straight searched, and sacked, their sails gathered, the accustomed wind set, their glory disgraced, and they little or nothing esteemed. 
If you were of the world, the world, would love you, but because I have chosen you out of it, it beareth you malice. 
Saint Basil recounted of his own experience, that the Libard beareth such a furious hatred unto man, that it suddenly at the sigh of him, flies in his face, and to avoid the rage thereof, the custom is to show unto it a mans picture, in a paper, which it presently rends and tears asunder, showing thereby, how eagerly it is bent against man himself, whose image it can bot abide. 
Even so is it in the devil and his followers, who not being able to wreak their malice against almighty God, whom they especially hate, they turn their spite against gods image, that is mans soul, and so much the more enviously seeks the overthrow of it, the more they see it to wax like unto God, not only in nature, but also in goodness. 
When we come to the service of Christ we come to a rough profession, that is bound to have continual defiance and enmity, with the pleasures, vanities, and praises of this world, and therefore can we look for nothing else at their hands, that are friends to the same, but only trouble, hatred, and persecution. 
Let every one, that cometh to the service of God persuade himself that he is come like a grape to the wine press, he shall be created, squeezed, and pressed, not so much to procure his death, to the world, as his reservation in gods cellar. 
The thief as St. Chrysostom observes, when he enters into a house to rob, he first puts out the light, according to that, he that doth evil hates the light, and therefore the devil and his Imps, seeing those, that were once darkness, now to become light in out Lord, they seek to disgrace, & blemish their voters, that they may the more freely cognitive their wicked purposes. 
Let us circumvent the righteous, (say the wicked) because he is contrary tour works. 
But as it were saith Origin a dispraise and abasement, for one, to be honored, and praised by the impious only: so is it a great honor, to be persecuted, and disgraced by them, because it is a pregnant proof, that we are enemies to their lewd behavior. 
Howsoever the dogs bark, yet dogs remain they, and we men: So remain the bad, wicked, and we for all their slanders no whit the less virtuous.

The more the waves, and billows, how boisterous soever they be, beat against a stoney rock, the more are they broken, and turned into a vain foam, & froth, & yet the rock nothing the weaker. 
Let the malicious fume,and fret against us, our rock is impregnable, if we cleave unto it, hurt themselves they may, but harm us they can not. 
So it appears in Steven’s persecutors, of whom it is written that They were cut in their hearts, and they gnashed with their teeth at him. & yet he nothing moved, or terrified with their furious spite. 
Whose example may be unto us a pattern of constancy, & teach us to make the same account of the oblique of our adversaries, that he did of the malice of the Jews.

For how can it move any of gods servants, to be evil spoken of, especially by heretics. 
As though amongst the lapsed, and propane persons, that are out of the church, out of whose breast the holy Ghost is departed, there could be other looked for, then a depraved mind, a deceitful tongue, cantankerous hatreds, and sacrilegious lies, to which, whosoever giveth credit, must needs be numbered with them, in the day of judgement.

Wherefore whosoever have entered a virtuous course, let them prepare their minds to all kind of temptation, both by words, and wicked endeavors of the bad, seeing that assuredly we know, that the devil will never agree with those, that in Gods cause are his enemies, how soever he faun upon them, while they were in his power. 
As long as the lion hath the prey in his paws, he can daly and play with it, but if he see any offer of escaping from him, he forthwith fixated his claws in the flesh.

Pharao never so fiercely did persecute the Isralites, as when they were going out of Egypt.

Laban never pursued Jacob, till he departed from him: so little careth to bite and bark at those, that are his household servants, until such time, as they begin to wax strangers unto him. 

Of this the scripture gives us warning, He which forsook wickedness, lay open to the spoil. And St. Gregory to the same effect says Our enemy the more he sees us to rebel against him, the more endeavors he to overcome us: for such he little cares to doest, of whom he finds himself in quiet possession. 
So may we understand the words of Holofernes unto Judith. I never did harm tony that was content to serve my King Nabuchodonozor. Young Tobias, so long, as he walked in the mire, and dirt, went quietly, and was never troubled: but when he went to wash his feet in the clear river, there was presently a fish ready to devour him.

The Pirates, whole they know the ship to be empty,let it quietly pass, but when it cometh loaded with rich merchandise, their manner is to assault it with all violence: so sayeth St. Chrysostome, while men are void of virtue, the devil letteth not their voyage, but when they are enriched with grace, & have taken in their freight of the gifts of gods spirit, he straight gives the onset with tribulations. He cometh not into styes, and kennels, that there insetting to be found, but his haunt is to the rich coffers, and chests of Jewels, and plate. 
Those that have nothing in them, but sins and wickedness, lie always open unto him, and well he knoweth, that they are not worth the robbing: but those that being to fill their coffers, with the Jewels of virtue, & cleanse their souls from vice, to give room to gods heavenly treasures, are a prey that he longeth to get, as the same saint observeth. 
He weil knoweth, that such as are out of gods favor, may be won with out strokes, and he is able with every push, to lay them groveling in what sin he listeth. 
But when he findeth one returned into grace and armed with godliness against his encounters, upon him he cometh with sad blows, and by all slights and violence endeavoreth to overcome him.

A paper wall be breaketh with one knock, but when he findeth a strong rapier, or bulwark, he straight planteth his battery, and useth all possible engines to overthrow it. 
But alas his force is but feeble, his engines weak, to batter down the adamant rock of virtue, and therefore as St. Chrystome sayeth therein he doth but spurn against a thorn, and while he seeketh to hide the fire in his garments, he doth but burn himself, and give the fire matter to work upon, and show itself the more.

God will always defend a Moses, and praise him most, when Aaron and Mary murmur against him: and Christ will take upon him the patronage of a Magdalene, what Judas soever control her good works, yea if men oppress them, the very senseless and unreasonable creatures, will fight in their defense, and withess their innocence. 
The sea will honor a true Israelite, by giving dry passage.

The hungry lions will be lambs to a Daniel, the crows will feed Elias, and the flames of fire withhold their force, from burning a Sidrac, Misac, or Abdenago.


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