#Amorislaetitia 2X Married Vox Cantoris (Dave Domet): Some Will Tell You The Pope Did Not Open The Door For Holy Communion For The Divorced And Remarried, Cohabitants, Fornicators And Sodomites. Bovine Excrement!

2X Married Vox Cantoris (Dave Domet):
OK....for a middle age guy, who got his first marriage annulled, (within the last few years) these are pretty strong words...actually hubris. Maybe Dave can teach all these Divorced And Remarried Catholics how to get a fast & easy annulment!

Maybe I'm being too harsh on a pontificating blogger, by saying he was married 2X, when in fact his first marriage was no marriage at all, and he was just living with the lady (fornication?) oh wait! Dave went to confession for that .....just like the people he condemns now.....
Hey! and what does the Cardinal, Archbishop of Toronto Thomas Christopher Collins who approved of Dave's fast and easy annulment think about Amoris Laetitia?

I'm sure Dave's views on AL & that of the Cardinal's, don't meet eye to eye... maybe Dave will get in trouble by the Cardinal for being a hater......maybe there should be an email campaign.......



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