Michael Matt Of The Remnant Demands To Know Just Who Is The Wingnut Traditionalist Website That Fr. Longenecker Is Really Targeting?...Yeah....What Blogger.....


As I read through his completely unprovoked attack against all of us, a couple of thoughts came to mind: Father Dwight Longenecker must have a lot of time on his hands, and Father Dwight might be a little obsessed with traditional Catholics....

He must have time on his hands, right? How would he know as much as he claims to know about these sick, angry, paranoid, violent, hateful traditionalists unless he had ample time on his hands to comb through the fever swamps in search of evidence? He evidently stumbled across a couple of wingnut websites and, based on that, launched his offensive against all traditional Catholics....

The main problem I have with Father Longenecker is his failure to be forthcoming about exactly who he’s targeting.....

Since he names none of us, he is obviously accusing all of us. Father tells us he won't name names because he doesn’t wish to "wallow in the sewage", and so his readers are left to come to their own conclusions as to which of us he is referring.  All traditionalists? Some? A few? Most? Many? Who knows! Father doesn’t say.......

Whether or not he’s referring directly to The Remnant in his attack, in the name of traditional Catholics everywhere we demand a retraction from Father Dwight Longenecker. Remnant Read More>>>>>>



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