Hillary White A Heretic? Attacking The Perpetual Virginity of The Blessed Mother? Hillary Claims That The Great Stone Sealing The Tomb, Burst Forward?

after 1665

Hillary White is a silly girl. She doesn't thinks things through:
But certainly that was the way in which Christ, the Head, did rise. Quite spectacularly, in fact, and seen afterwards by many. I don’t remember which visionary it was, but I recall reading an account that one saint was granted of the moment of the Resurrection of Christ from the dead. He lay in the borrowed tomb and the Roman soldiers sat outside, leaning against the huge stone. And suddenly there was a light so bright that it shone right through the rock as though it were waxed paper. Then the stone burst forward, and like a lion He came forth…Read More>>>>>>>>
Then the stone burst forward?

er...No. The stone sealing the tomb did not burst asunder nor did it bust forward,  it did neither. the stone remained intact. That's a fact, and that is a dogma of the Church:
And behold there was a great earthquake. For an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and coming, rolled back the stone, and sat upon it.
The great stone sealing the tomb, represents the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother, in which Jesus did not damage on his coming forth from the womb of the Blessed Mother.

I'm sure Hillary is aware of this.

Here from a meditation by Luis de la Peunte:
O King of glory, who like unto a new man, comest again the second time into the world, with thy garments renewed, to live a new life full of majesty, I congratulate thee for this thy new Nativity, no less admirable then the first. In that, thou went forth of the womb of thy mother, leaving the gate shut to conserve her virginity: in this, thou issues forth of the earth, leaving the sepulcher shut, to manifest thy subtlety and thy majesty. In that thou comest forth as a new man, free and exempt from all sin, subject notwithstanding unto pain: in this, thou comest forth all renewed, quite exempt from all pain, and crowned with a crown of unspeakable glory, and therefore we may now say with great acclamation; We saw the glory of him, glory as it were of the only begotten Son of the Father, full of grace and virtue.
Again the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother is represented by the Great Stone sealing the Tomb in which Jesus did not damage on his Resurrection. Jesus passed through the Great Stone as he passed through the womb of the Blessed Mother leaving no damage whatsoever. 

I'm sure Hillary and the Remnant know this, they just failed to catch it before publishing what was written.


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