UPDATE: Berlin Car Bomb Kills Muslim Driver Identified As Turkish Citizen Mesut T....Involment In Sex Trafficking & Muslim Drug Ring

Unnamed Muslim Imam dies in car bomb explosion at 8 AM local time in Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany.

Authorities say driver was driving through the Capital when the device went off. 

Authorities do not know if the Imam Muslim was the target or if he was transporting the device to be used at another 'event'. Police now think that the Muslim was the target.

Angela Merkel has declared a media blackout on the release of the name of the driver. Merkel does not want to disrupt the German Muslim relations that she has worked so hard to bring to fruition.

Partial name released as Mesut T....and media is bold enough to print that the dead driver is a Turkish citizen.

Sanitized press version follows:
A suspected car bomb has killed a man driving through the German capital of Berlin. 
The explsion occured around 8am local time in the western district of Charlottenburg. The driver reportedly died of serious injuries before an ambulance arrived. Carsten Mueller, the deputy chief spokesman for Berlin police, said that "investigators are working on the assumption that it was an explosive device" inside or on the vehicle which caused the blast. He added that investigators were still trying to determine the man's identity. The Independent Read More>>>>
The Berlin Muslim riot is scheduled to begin after the upcoming Friday afternoon prayers.....

Press release partial name of dead driver:

Mesut T....

said to be a drug dealer and sex trafficker.


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