Two Of Pope's Santa Marta Workers Murdered Within One Month! Elvira Found Dead! Miriam Found Dead! Murder Intrigue At Santa Marta

Last month Elvira found dead!
Murder Intrigue At Casa Santa Marta? Casa Santa Marta Worker Elvira Found DEAD! SOME YEAR OF MERCY? SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 2016
Tuesday Miriam Wuolou found Dead!
Pregnant secretary of Pope Francis found dead in her Rome apartment
The first woman was said to die of natural causes....a long term illness. Her death did not get any news coverage at all. The second woman is said to die of possible natural causes. The actual cause is yet to be determined. Some say it was the Husband.

Both deaths are cause for concern.

Maybe one of the Muslim immigrants took the lives of both.

One way to put fear into the wicked prelates that occupy Santa Marta is to kill 'em off one by one...starting with the woman folk.


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