New Trend? Catholic Woman Wearing Muslim Hijab To Mass But Refusing To Wear The Traditional Chapel Veil/Mantilla….In….3……2……1….

Stylish Muslim Hijab
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What Catholic women should wear to Mass they won't. And what they shouldn't wear to Mass they will. 

Catholic Women refuse to cover up with a Mantilla during Mass. To wear the traditional veil or Mantilla is to give into Male domination - and the modern Catholic woman will have none of that.

But here's the thing....these same women who refuse to wear the chapel veil to Mass are the same ones who will wear the Muslim Hijab! 

Why? it's a stick in your face temper tantrum that foolish women can't resist.

How long before you see Catholic women wearing Hijabs to Mass? Probably right now.

This could be you going to Mass

Why, I bet, even those habit-less short hairs nuns will don a Hijab, just to prove a point!

Mostly it'll be the old cragy salt and pepper short hairs that will wear the Hijab.

This could be you if you lose some weight!

Mother and daughter Hijab wearing teams? You bet! The more the better.

Be the first to pose in the Parish yearbook wearing a Hijab!

Yous a hoe? Yous a slut? Don't worry, no need to go to confession, in order for you to be pure again and get everyone's respect, just wear complete Muslim Abaya and Niqab:

Once A Slut - Now Purity Itself

Think I'm joking? Here from 2013 comments by foolish women on Catholic Answers Forum: 

OP, if you want to wear it, go for it. If I were to wear a headcovering to Mass, it would probably be more hijab looking than a mantilla.KendraDZ1902 May 26, '13, 5:11 pm 

I think that it can be a very beautiful thing, provided that it's not worn with the intention of showing off. Besides, catholic nuns wear a uniform that's somewhat similar to an abaya, which is an islamic dress. More importantly, I don't think Islam invented the concept of a woman wearing a scarf on her head. Any woman can do it. drac16 May 26, '13, 4:26 pm 

Hi Christine, I admire those who out of love for God wears a hijab-style headcovering which is described in the Early Church Fathers as the expectation for faithful Catholic Christian single ladies & married women both in & outside of Church. It's described in such detail in the Fathers the way of modest dress that was acceptible not just in one country, but all over the world where Christians were. I did wear hijab-style headcovering for about 8 days in a row. I loved how connected I felt with our ancestors in Christ and to God for obeying. 1 Cor. 11 speaks briefly that a woman wearing long hair is following natural law & wearing a separate cloth headcovering is acceptance of divine law. St. John Chrysostom's homily on 1 Cor. 11 is very detailed & clear and consistent with all the other Fathers on the subject. If I were more brave, I'd wear it at all times outside of the home as the early Church so clearly & consistently taught. I do wear headcovering to Mass though, I can no longer imagine going up to receive Jesus Christ our God in the Eucharist without my head fully covered. I know that the "sin" has been removed for those women who choose not to cover at Mass, but I haven't found anything that actually says it's acceptible to break the ancient tradition or that claims it is no longer part of divine law as the early Church Fathers speak so clearly. In other words I can't find any reason Not to cover. May God have mercy on my fear to be different and obey in this matter. Are you thinking of covering? If so, I want encourage you!!! This is a pre-Islamic Christian practice & a pre-Christian Jewish practice which was adopted by Islam. ComeHome2Rome May 27, '13, 2:02 pm

And so on....

Non-Muslim Woman wearing the Hijab is a new craze just the craze of breastfeeding in public done only to be an attention whore.

Thing is about the in your face public breastfeeding is mostly done by women who've already aborted one or more of their children. I guess the in your face public display of breastfeeding is a way of pretending you're a good mother even though you murdered a couple of your children in your womb.

Get to know the clothing soon to be worn by Catholic woman at Mass:


  1. I have worn hijab to church. I don't think there is anything wrong with doing so.

    1. That's wonderful. What inspired you to start?

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. It's called headscarf. I know hijab in Arabic means something that covers the head as well, but not all headscarf means hijab. So be careful with your wordings.

  2. This IS NOT what Catholics are suppose to wear to Mass. This garb has nothing to do with Catholicism, at all. It is Islamic propaganda! It is not in line twith the teachings of the Church.

    1. What garb? Headscarf was and is used in Mass. It is called headscarf, NOT hijab. The writer of this blog spread false teaching about headscarf so don't listen to him/her.

  3. This article is complete bullocks! "Hijab" means "veil/partition" in Arabic.
    Besides, why wouldn't you want to encourage women to wear hijab? It covers more than the traditional mantilla! I applaud the women following the "craze" because it's guiding them to be a lot more modest which our society desperately needs.

    1. Ashley, good points you have made! Our church is supportive of women who cover, whether mantilla or hijab. The girls/women who cover is still a small minority but has grown from zero over the last year and a half.

    2. It is called headscarf, not hijab. I know the meaning of hijab. But we veil ourselves with headscarf not hijab.

  4. I have been wearing a hijab to church since this past February. I know it may sound unusual, but there are always a few others who headcover as well. It has given me a boost in my spiritual quest.

    1. It is not called a hijab but headscarf. I know the meaning of hijab. But what Christians wear is called headscarf.

  5. Please stick to the appropriate Christian veils. People will easily mistake you for being a muslim! We need to show the beauty of our Christian Catholic faith with us women wearing a veil to the mass. Think mother Mary grace of wearing a veil or mantilla in the presence of God

    1. If combined with a crucifix and western styled clothing it's really not that big of an issue for being confused.

    2. Appropriate Christian veils? Have you seen how Russian Catholics veil themselves? Or Syrian/Iraqi Catholics? There's nothing wrong with headscarf. The name is headscarf not hijab. Don't follow this blogger's opinion. It's a trash. No one is wearing Islamic garbs. Christianity was here before Islam and since that time we have used headscarf. Now Muslims use headscarf and call it hijab, doesn't make the headscarf belongs to them. It is called headscarf. NOT hijab.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Lol this is the most stupid thing I've read today. Have you ever seen Christian in Middle East or Eastern Europe? When they go to Mass, what kind of headcovering is that? Try to see how Russian Catholics veil their head or how Chaldean Catholics veil their head. The *headscarf* that you mentioned is usual in countries that do not promote nudity and just because those women wear those kind of *headscarf* doesn't mean it's hijab. Before you spread false teaching based on your hatred please see what other Catholics wear at other part of world. You're so foolish and childish.


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