Mexico Doom On! In Anticipation Of I Come In Peace Pope Francis Visit To Mexico 11 Die In Gun Battle At 15 Year Old Girl's Birthday Party!

(Vatican Radio) Eleven people died Sunday night in a gun battle at a girl's fifteenth birthday party in southwestern Mexico, in the Guerrero State.

Guerrero State Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores said the killings happened at the fifteenth birthday party of a girl in the town of Cundacito. This birthday year is special, as it's considered an introduction to womanhood.

Mr. Flores said Municipal, State and Federal Police who were at the party were attacked. Fellow officers who tried to reach the scene in patrol cars, were driven back by heavy gunfire.

Police returned in daylight, and a full investigation is underway. As yet, the identity of the gunmen and whether they're connected to organized crime, has not been revealed.

Guerrero is a major cultivation area for marijuana and amapola poppies which are refined into heroin.

The Governor is pledging to bring those responsible for the killings to justice.


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