MOROCCO DOOM! Woman Runs In Front Of Speeding Royal Motorcade Of King Mohammed VI As Giant Foam Cloud Invades Morocco.......I Had A Vision A Head On Collision ......

You see me comin'
You feel like runnin'
A wicked look is in your eye
I don't come to harm you
I come to warn you
It's now or never, do or die

I had a vision
A head on collision
A revelation ya
That sent me on a mission.....

Ok this is getting nuts. First the speeding Motorcade of President Hollande plows over a Muslim:

Shocking footage shows President Hollande's motorcade ploughing into spectator after security staff leave car door open
The spectator had been on the streets in Tangier, Morocco watching as President Hollande passed after his visit with King Mohammed VIThis footage shows the shocking moment a man is hit and wiped off his feet by the French President's motorcade. The spectator had been on the streets in Tangier, Morocco watching as President Hollande passed after his visit with King Mohammed VI. During the procession the man was struck, as one of the security team left a car door open close to the public. The man, a 40-year-old local, was taken to hospital with head injuries. Mirror Read More>>>>>
Now, today, a woman deliberately runs in front of the speeding Royal Motorcade Of King Mohammed VI repeating the Hollande event - granted the Hollande event was a better show:

Not much news yet on why the foolish women did it. But she did entertain.

And on the heals of the last weeks earthquake:
Originally Posted By dxv515 26 January 2016 Evil Portent & Repercussions Still Felt In Morocco Four Months After Gay Mo Rocca Opens Mass For Pope Francis: 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Several Cities in Morocco 
Now there's a large foam floating on the shores of Morocco:

I wonder if Freshmaker was in Morocco this weekend?  


  1. Nice find, I'll have to send you a postcard one of these days!

    Moroccans are drawn to motorcades like moths to flame, apparently. Perhaps Mo Rocca will cover it on his next "Innovation Nation"...

    Meanwhile, keep a lookout for Rubio's foamy confreres in the bubble bath of God's wrath!


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