#Cedric Ford Is The #Excel Industries Shooter: Ford Murdered Seven And Shot Over Twenty of His Co-Workers Over #BLACK LIVES MATTER

Cedric Ford, 38,  was a painter for Excel Industries, Hesston, Kansas. Ford shot 20 of his co-workers murdering up to seven. Ford is a avid gun collector. Ford was shot and killed by Police.

As many as seven people have been shot dead and 20 wounded after a man opened fire on his former workplace in Kansas, police said. Cedric Ford, 38, allegedly gunned down victims in four or five locations across Hesston, 35 miles north of Wichita, before reaching his former workplace, lawn-mowing firm Excel Industries, on Thursday afternoon. Witnesses at the office building, 35 miles north of Wichita, said Ford, who was a painter at the firm, pulled up outside in a red van, shot somebody in the parking lot, then ran in. Between four and seven people are dead, police told reporters at the scene, while 20 to 30 are injured. The shooter is 'down', police told a press conference. Workers told KAKE News that Ford, of Newton, Kansas, had 'mental issues' and was 'being teased a little bit' when he worked at Excel.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

According to HEAVY Ford was arrested in 2010:
  • parole violation
  • domestic battery
  • drug possession
  • possession of drug paraphernalia
  • traffic violations 
  • theft
And yet was able to buy firearms.

In violation of parole?

The authorities listed four crime scenes:
  • First in the nearby town of Newton where a man was shot in the shoulder while driving truck.
  • Second shooting happening on Hester Road.
  • Third shooting in the parking lot of the Excel building.
  • Fourth shooting inside the Excel workplace.
All of Ford's targets were white.


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