Assassination Attempt? Pope Francis' Speeding Motorcade Plows Into Mexican Spectators Sends Several Mexicans Flying! No Mercy Here!

Look, Pope Francis is not gonna be put on trial for heresy and then be burnt at the stake. IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Granted Herod Antipas still remained in power after he took his brother's wife as his own, and put John the Baptist in prison for calling Herod out on his sinful behavior, even though these were great crimes crying the heaven for vengeance, Heord still remained in power to party and  beheaded John the Baptist, After all this, Herod was still in power, and he was able to sit in judgment of Jesus Christ. Herod should have been dispatched once he put John in prison. Herod finally died in exile.

What will happen to Pope Francis? Nothing. The Cardinals refuse to defend the faith against the wicked Pope. Men in the Vatican will do nothing.

So if God wants to end the pontificate of Francis it will be other than a heresy trial and burning at the stake. Nope! Some other means will God use to do away with this wicked and heretical Pope.

Maybe something is in the cards for the Pope in Mexico:

This is the murderous street in the most violent district of Mexico City that has been given a makeover in preparation for the visit of Pope Francis. Gang graffiti on the notorious Avenida Insurgentes has been painted over with adoring murals, homeless people have been removed, and stray puppies killed. This will give the pontiff a very different impression of the road in Ecatepec district, on the outskirts of Mexico City, which boasts three times the national homicide rate and eight times the Mexican average for female murders. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>


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