Aleteia Blog Spirituality: Playing Kid-Tetris? Or Salve Tetris? During The Stripped And Barren New Mass? Which Is Recommended By New Mass Goers?

What would you rather play in the pews during the stripped and barren new mass?



Salve Tetris?

I'm guessing that the majority of you new mass goers would be offended playing Slave Tetris in the pews during Sunday Mass - that's just way too politically incorrect - imagine if someone saw you playing Salve Tetris during Father's Homily? What would your fellow pewsitter think?

Now I for one will play the new "Muslim Refugee Raping Cologne Woman Tetris" when that comes out.

Well here is a grown women who popped out ten kids who plays Kid-Tetris in the pews during Sunday Mass.
I spent a good part of last week’s Mass playing Kid-Tetris in the pew
The article is found in the Spirituality section of the Aleteia Blog. Titled: My Kids Are Not the Distraction at Mass; I Am.

No, Lady your kids are a distraction and so are you at the stripped and barren new Mass, because that's the way they want it. More distraction the better.

I guess the Lady is trying to make a funny about playing Kid-Tetris in the pews with her own kids and not on some hand held device - but who can really tell now a days?



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