Record Time! Cops & Media Announce Philly Cop Shooter IS A MUSLIM!! Didn't Wait Weeks Or Months To Make The Announcement!

Muslim Firing Point Blank Range At Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett

Wow! What gives? The Police and Media announce almost immediately that the Philly Cop shooter is a Muslims and quote the shooter as saying he shot the Cop in the name of ISLAM!

A gunman who fired 13 shots at a Philadelphia police officer as he sat in his marked cruiser at an intersection has pledged allegiance to ISIS. The man, who has not been named, opened fire at Officer Jesse Hartnett as he sat in his car late Thursday. Hartnett, who was wearing a bullet vest, returned fire and is in a stable condition with three gunshot wounds to his left arm. At a press conference today it was revealed the gunman, who has a criminal record, used a stolen police handgun in the attack. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>


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