Most Catholics Are Focused On Whether To Bring Their Guns To Mass Rather Than If A Divorced & Remarried Person Is Gonna Received Communion!

So much for the Synod coverage! LOL!

So much wasted time covering a Synod that none of you laymen can do anything about! (hint: Altar Railing)

So when news hit (as was expected in some circles) that Muslim terrorists murdered 14 at a Christmas Party in San Bernardino, many of you were distracted away from the Synod and focused instead on protecting yourself and family when in public - especially at Mass.

So now all those lay bloggers who were so focused on the Synod are now forced to pay attention to Islam and Muslims.

See how things change in a very short time?

Too bad none of you insightful Catholic bloggers gave a heads up to the FBI director on the coming Muslim terror attacks at San Bernardino or in Europe etc.....

The Muslim invaders  all passed under your nose when you were focused on the Synod

Well maybe lesson learned - please pay attention

And again what side of the Altar Railing do you belong on?


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