MEDITATION ON The Nativity Of Our Savior Christ: Of The Circumcision Of Our Savior, On The Eighth Day. POINT III ~ Luis de la Puente


1. Thirdly, I am to consider the spiriitual Circumcision which our Lord Christ exacteth of me, with the example of this corporal Circumcision, wherewith he moveth, and teacheth me to circumcise, and cut off all my superfluitites in pampering, honor, and commodities of the flesh, mortifying and disordinatee vices, and affections, to accomplish the law of almighty God, yea, if need were, therefore to shed my blood: for in this manner is the true spirit obtained. And in this sense said a holy man (as St. Dorotheus reporteth) Da saguinem & accept spirit. Give blood, and thou shalt receive spirit: for the perfection of the spirit, is not obtained but with the cost of blood, mortifying, and circumcising all the affections of flesh, and blood.

2. Besides this I am willingly to suffer others to circumcise me, and to aid me to take away these superfuties, whither they do it with a good intention, or with an evil intention to do me disgrace: suffering them with patience to circumise, and cut off from me some of my delicacy, my honor, and commodity, although it be with the shedding of my blood: for (as St. Pual said) It maketh not much who fighteth against sin, when he cometh not to resist it unto blood, as our Savior Christ did. Unto whom I am to say, Sponsus sanguinis tu mihi es. My beloved, thou art to me a spouse of blood, since for thy sake I will suffer with a good will, any Circumcision, or mortification that may happen, though it be to the shedding of my blood for thee.

3. To this end, it will help me to consider, that our Savior Christ shed his precious blood in three places, and by the hands of threes sorts of persons. 1. In Circumcision by the minister of almighty God that didi it to a holy end. 2. In the Garden by himself with the consideration of the afflictions of his Passion, which made him to sweat blood. 3. In the house of Pilate, and on mount Calvary by the hand of the tormentors, and ministers of Satan. And all this that I mat persuade myself, that I am likewise to be prepared to shed my blood, and to suffer in these three sorts 1. Subjecting myself to what the ministers of almighty God shall ordain, although it be to the cutting off and circumcising what I most love. 2. I bing the tormentor of myself, moving myself with such consideration to works of penance, and mortification, chastising my flesh, and depriving myself of whatsoever hundredth me in the service of God, though it greiveth me never so much. 3. Suffering those dolours, and afflicitions which happen unto me by the hands of mine enemies, though they do it with a damnable intent.


O good JESUS, by that blood which thou sheds upon these three occasions, I beseech thee encourage my heart, that if need be, to may offer itself to shed its blood upon the like occasion. And seeing it hath so much to circumcise, which self loved detaineth it from doing, circumcise it (o Lord, by thyne own hand, & lay a plot that others may circumcise it, that there may remain in it no superfluous thing that may be displeasing to thy divine majesty.

Of this shedding of blood which happened in the Circumcision, there may be made another very devote meditation, in that form that shall be set down in the fourth part, concerning the blood that our Savior Christ shed in his passion.


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