Devils In The Form Of Black Raves Attack Protestant Heretic

Of M. William Pape Minister Of Dornoch in Sutherland.

Master William Pape Minister of Dornoch in Sutherland riding home from the town of Taine to his own house in Dornoch, was so assailed by the way by a multitude of Raven that they did not only scratch his Body with the Claws and Nails, but also did rent and tear his apparel with their bills and beaks, his wife asking him after his arriving in the house, what should be the case of his disarray and trouble, he answered, that it was a multitude of Ravens which did rent his garments and scratch body with their bills their furious rage in striking and pecking at him with such an extraordinary power that with great difficulties he had saved himself from the dint of their claws and beaks which having so soon his wife had related to their Neighbors they did all suspect that such a multitude of Ravens was a company of Devils, for so much that such a skirmish or bickering of Ravens against a reasonable man was never heard or seen before, and for confirmation of this truth after such conflict he was so vexed & beaten in his own house by the same Ravens that he was contained to leave it, and go lodge in another of his friends, which things show evidently that his trouble and vexation was cause by a company of Devils which have power over him, and not by a company of good Angels. A Short Declaration 1615


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