Fat Cat Blogger Crescat ( Katrina Fernandez) Ends It All! Another Convert To Vatican II & The Stripped And Barren New Mass Hangs It Up!!

I don't like converts. Especially the ones who attack anything that came prior to Vatican II & the Stripped and Barren New Mass!

You monsters helped to perpetuate the lie that is the spirit of Vatican II & the new Evangelization

You made my life hell:
  • as much making me drive far to attend Latin Mass while you fat slobs waddle a few steps to the new mass just down the street
  • making me witness the insanity of Pope Francis
  • making me spend hours of typing good catholic meditation from the 1500's on the Internet because the Catholic book stores are awash with insipid spiritual shit that only a flaming faggot would use.
So good riddance to a convert who just was here to destroy the love of God in others.
As the blog gained popularity, I was asked to join Patheos for a chance to write for an even wider, more diverse, audience. I accepted the challenge and have been here two years. Maybe three. Or has it been four? My point is, I’ve been blogging for a very, very long time. Crescat 
I hope all the blog traffic was worth it - cause people like you have to answer for all the mess you created in the Church these last fifty years or so.



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