Authorities: Lakeisha Holloway Is A Streetwalker Therefore Crime Considered Work Place Violence

The uncomfortable officer claiming that Lakeisha's motive made him too uneasy to publicly announce it, now comes forward to announce that Lakeisha was owed five buck for doing favors to a John - the John fled without paying after completing the unmentionable act and Lakeisha hunted him down. That’s all
The uncomfortable officer felt that the uncomfortable public was too sensitive to understand the uncomfortable motive at such an uncomfortable time. Many uncomfortable Americans do not know that there are women who sell their bodies for cash. - It’s call prostitution. Some say that prostitution has been around for a very long time and some claim that it is the oldest profession.

So, after long sessions with grief counselors, Law Enforcement Officials now feel at ease with announcing Lakeshia’s motive for running down pedestrians - Lakeisha  was owed five bucks by a John - the John left Lakeshia without paying her - the John ran away on foot. Lakeisha  got in her car and hunted down the john she thought she spotted John in front of Planet Hollywood and aimed her vehicle and gunned it, running over twenty or so whites in the process. Lakeisha  being traumatized by the incident, sped off.

She then realizing that maybe she didn’t get her man, and thought she spotted him again in front of Paris Hotel fearing another episode where the John gets away she aimed her car into the sea of white faces, running over twenty or so evil whites.

Now witnesses come forward and claim that she uttered these words when running down whitey: Give me my five bucks you bitch… Officials are determined that this type of workplace violence does not occur again - many public officials are writing up new laws called Lakeisha  laws to help streetwalkers - many sex workers will now be funded at taxpayers expense to promote peace and harmony on the Las Vegas strip. The streetwalkers or sex workers will be housed in newly built facilities at taxpayer expense and revenue will be generated by taking a cut of the sex traffic. All revenue will be used to help fund public school lunch programs.

Bus loads of sex starved Muslim refugees will be the first happy customers of the newly appointed government sponsored sex workers. Charlie Sheen has offered to over see the taxpayer funded streetwalker project.

Authorities are asking the public for ideas in naming this new Federal program.

They hope to create a new reality TV to help uncomfortable Americans get acquainted with this new profession.

Many of the US Government Streetwalkers will make appearances on Oprah, the view and other such tv shows directed to the low intelligent masses. So as not to discriminate, the sex workers will also hire minority men and trannys to service Johns.

The USA is an equal opportunity employer - white men need not apply.

Free sex change operations for all who ask.

Happy endings for all!


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